Fees and Billing


Ramona St Medical Centre is a fully BULK-BILLED practice

for patients with a valid Medicare card.

Patients without a Medicare card will be required to pay privately as per the fee schedule below. RSMC do not charge any Gap Fees. When there are charges, appointment costs can vary depending on time, consultation types and procedures. Please speak to a friendly reception staff member for fees and charges related to your appointment.

Please refer to the tables below.

Private Day Billing Rates Monday to Friday (9am-8pm) and Saturday till 1pm

Medicare Item# Type of Attendance Consultation fee and Rebate
23 Standard Consultation, Level B


36 Long Consultation, Level C




Other General Billings (additional to the Private consult)

ECG $20
Pregnancy Test $20
**Flu Shot $20
**Spirometry $30
Iron Infusion $50
**Fitness to Drive Assessment (Consult by Itself and commercial purpose) $100


Please note: Billing is at the instruction and discretion of the medical centre Policy and the GP; it’s not decided by the reception.

Any payment is an issue, please discuss with your GP at the end of your consultation.

Reception will be notified at the end of the consultation on what to bill.


Full payment of fees is required following your consultation.

We accept EFTPOS, Cash, Credit cards and Amex.

**Please note, some of our GP’s provide services which are privately billed with no rebates available**

Make An Appointment

We prefer you to make a prior appointment if you want to see your preferred doctor. Please call our friendly receptionist and she will assist you.